Integrated Engineering & Design

Transformation of the Spoorzone Tilburg
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Integrated Engineering & Design was my choice for my minor. This minor is for the more hardcore students and students with the ambition to do combined master of Architecture and Engineering. You had to come up with your own assignment, where you challenge yourself based on a fascination you had at that moment. My fascination was a professional camera, because I use it for one of my hobbies. With photos, you can illustrate the character of a place, you can show the world how you experience the place. The composition of a photo makes the story. That is why it is so important that your camera has a viewfinder, you are closed off from the rest of the world and only focusing on what you see.

Floorplan – Ground floor

The new Library

The Koepelhal and the building next to it at the Spoorzone in Tilburg, which is a former railway maintenance area, will be used as my location for a new library for the city of Tilburg. The library will not be a place for borrowing books, it will be a meeting place for everyone. It will be a place to connect people together, no matter where they come from. The building next to the Koepelhal will be partly demolished and replaced by two new buildings that are made of old rail tracks. These rail tracks (from now on beams) are used a framework for the building and will be visible from the outside. These beams are connected with each other with a steel ring, as a result all the forces will be equally transferred to the next beams. In between the two new buildings a forum will be created. The forum will be the center point of the area, which can be used for events or just for relaxing and social interaction.

The Forum should connect all the diffrent users of the building

All functions are accessible from the forum


North and South wing


Its about the sense of a place, that defines good city space